Siyuan Zhang

Graduate Student
Shanghaitech University
zhangsy3@shanghaitech.edu.cn, ottozsy@outlook.com

About Me

I am a graduate student from Shanghaitech University. I am looking for PhD position in 24 Spring and 24 Fall in the field of HPC and MLsys.

Research Interests


Research Assistant @ L.I.O.N. & NeuDim

Student Cluster Competition (SCC) @ Geekpie_HPC Shanghaitech University

High Performance Computing (HPC) related research. Continually preparing and aiming for the top-tier student supercomputing competitions, including ASC, ISC and SC. Mainly in charge of HPC tasks related with AI, MPI and CUDA.

Teaching Assistant

CS171: Computer Graphics ShanghaiTech University


Programming Languages

C/C++, CUDA, Python

Frameworks, Libs

OpenMP, MPI, Pytorch, OpenGL, OpenCV, NCCL


Nsight System, Nsight Compute, Intel Vtune, Intel Trace Analyser and Collector, IPM.


  1. TPDS
    Guancheng Li, Songhui Cao, Chuyi Zhao, Siyuan Zhang, Yuchen Ji, Haotian Jing, Zecheng Li, Jiajun Cheng, Yiwei Yang, Shu Yin* (*Corresponding authors)
    IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems

  2. Haimin Luo, Siyuan Zhang, Fuqiang Zhao, Haotian Jing, Penghao Wang, Zhenxiao Yu, Dongxue Yan, Junran Ding, Boyuan Zhang, Qiang Hu, Shu Yin, Lan Xu, JIngyi Yu


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